Models for Rail3d — Switzerland

Furka HGe 4/4ii


  • Maurizio Polier — Photos of Swiss narrow-gauge rolling stock, also some technical drawings
  • Roland Smiderkal’s Austro-Swiss signal site
  • http://www.railfaneurope.net/ — new home of the European railway picture gallery
  • Rail-info Schweiz (overview of Swiss narrow-gauge railways)
  • http://www.sporenplan.nl/ — collection of track diagrams by Sven Zeegers. Covers most of Switzerland (except for the most interesting bits, but he’s working on it…)
  • Swissgeo — mapserver of the Swiss topographic survey. Gives access to the complete 1:100 000 1:50 000 and 1:25 000 maps, albeit in very small chunks.
  • When modelling Swiss rolling stock, it’s always worth having a look at the company website — some have surprisingly-detailed information available online, including pdf files with stock drawings in a couple of cases (bvz, ggb)
  • The models on this site would not have been possible without the splendid books on Swiss rolling stock edited by Claude Jeanmaire, and the collections of stock drawings by Wolfgang Finke and Hans Schweers. See the references on the individual pages.

Switzerland NarrowGauge

You can download all my Rail3d models from the download library http://www.rail3d.net or by using the Rail3d update tool. All models are free for personal use with Rail3d, on condition that they may not be modified or distributed further without the author’s explicit permission. Liveries and logos used in the models are purely representative, and do not imply any endorsement from or of the companies concerned.

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