Footpaths above Zuoz

I spent a week in Bever in the Oberengadin (Switzerland), walking and enjoying the local railways.




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25–26.09.09 Train Den Haag Bever

Sleeper to Basel, then via Luzern and Gotthard North ramp to Göschenen, Schöllenenbahn to Andermatt, mgb and RhB to Bever via Landquart and Klosters. Woof! 

27.09.09 Walk Bever Zuoz Section of the Via Engiadina walk along the North side of the Inn valley (about 12km). Meant as a gentle acclimatisation walk, but turned out to have quite a bit of up and down, and some excellent views.
  Train Zuoz Bever Since it was early, I came back the long way round, via Klosters, Davos, Filisur and the Albula line. Very nice!  
28.09.09 Walk Bever Bergün ok, I cheated and took the train through the tunnel from Spinas to Preda, but I walked the rest. The Bahnlehrpfad from Preda to Bergün, weaving between the loops and zigzags of the railway, is great fun.
  Train Bergün Poschiavo Finished the walk early again!
  Train Poschiavo Bever
29.09.09 Walk Bever Corviglia Another stage of the Via Engiadina, slightly more ambitious than those so far (900m of ascent). Beautiful views over the valley and surrounding mountains. And great aerial views of the shunting at Samedan station!
  Funicular Corviglia St Moritz Expensive, but worth it to save my knees from nearly 700m of descent
  Train St Moritz Bever Hmm. Probably about time I got on a train at Bever - I always seem to be arriving and never departing…
30.09.09 Train Bever Ospizio Bernina Finally! Had time to go via St Moritz, thus doing the third side of the Samedan triangle.
  Walk Ospizio Bernina Alp Grüm Just a gentle stroll, really, but very scenic.
  Train Alp Grüm Tirano You can never have too many rides on the Bernina, even if…
  Train Tirano Bever

…you hop straight on the next train back.


01.10.09 Train Bever Filisur Mmm - Albula again!
  Walk Filisur Davos-Monstein Another “railway walk”, although you don’t get to see much of the railway, as it’s mostly in tunnel or hidden in the trees. First bit is along a fairly normal, but attractive, wooded hillside; at Wiesen you follow a walkway over the 90m high viaduct, then the last part of the walk is along a disused road through the Zügenschlucht gorge.
  Train Davos-Monstein Bever Back via Davos and Klosters.
02.10.09 Train Bever Langwies via Klosters, Landquart and Chur 
  Walk Langwies Arosa And another railway walk - this one is pleasant and scenic in itself, and lets you see plenty of the railway. Pity that the Langwies viaduct is covered in scaffolding…
  Train Arosa Bever

via the Albula route


03–04.10.09 Train Bever Den Haag

Devious route to take full advantage of the SwissPass: Bever-Sagliains-Landquart (RhB); Landquart-St. Gallen (sbb); St. Gallen-Appenzell-Herisau (ab); Herisau-Rapperswil-Arth-Goldau-Luzern (sob, i.e. old bt/mthB); Luzern-Meiringen-Interlaken Ost (zb, i.e. former sbb-Brünig); Interlaken Ost-Basel (sbb); Basel-Utrecht (cnl sleeper); Utrecht-Den Haag (ns)


Ge4/4iii near Bever

Arosa train at Litzirüti

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Bernina Express at Poschiavo