For a couple of years I kept a log of all my walks, mainly to see how much walking I was doing. But I soon got behind with the log, and now I've given up and only occasionally list them in a private diary. But it might be interesting to keep these logs as a little bit of history.



14.01.2012 various Santpoort Noord Santpoort Noord 19km A pleasant winter walk in the dunes to take advantage of the continuing mild weather while it lasts. Variant on the loop I put together last year.
29.01.2012 various Rijswijk Ypenburg 11km Local Sunday morning walk for a cold day when it was good to get back indoors.
04.02.2012 various Den Haag cs Scheveningen 15km From cs to Meijendel by the usual route along the Hollandse Kustpad, then doubling back to Scheveningen along the beach. Dunes and beach looking lovely in the snow, but very cold.
11.03.2012 various Leidschendam Voorschoten 12km The red, 7.5km signposted route around De Horsten makes a nice half-day walk if it’s combined with the approach from Leidschendam and to Voorschoten, although it looks on the map like a complicated boy scout knot….
17.03.2012 Holl. Kustpad Katwijk Clingendael 18km Aways an attractive walk, even on a rather overcast day.
24.03.2012 various Santpoort Noord Santpoort Noord 18km Another variant on the Kennemerduin loop, lovely spring day with the first hint of new green leaves beginning to appear.
08.04.2012 gw Maarn Maarn 12km Easter Sunday, and the shorter of the two gw loops from Maarn.
14.04.2012 gw+ns Driebergen-Zeist Maarn 17km The classic ns walk extended to take in the Austerlitz pyramid and the Hensschotermeer.
26.05.2012 ns Wolfheze Arnhem 19km Another classic ns walk, and a decent spring day for once.
03.06.2012 Holl. Kustpad De Zilk Zandvoorterlaan 16km Slightly extended version of the walk through the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduin I did in November: felt like almost the same weather, too…
17.06.2012 various Scheveningen Clingendael 12km Along the beach as far as Meijendell, then back through the dunes. A blustery day, but a bit of sun all the same.
23.06.2012 gw 261 Oostvoorne Oostvoorne 18km An area I’ve scarcely visited at all, and a bit involved to get to, but a pleasant surprise: little winding paths through lush wetland areas behind the first lot of dunes.
30.06.2012 various Santpoort Noord Santpoort Noord 20km Yet another variant on the Kennemerduin loop.
07.07.2012 Utrechtpad Leersum Veenendaal West 20km …and another old favourite.
28.10.2012 various Zoetermeer Ypenburg 10km A bit of fresh air for a damp autumn day.
16.11.2012 various Leidschendam Voorschoten 12km De Horsten short loop, no-one around on a November Friday morning, but a touch of sun on the autumn leaves.
17.11.2012 various Santpoort Noord Haarlem 13km Short Kennemerduin variant on a dullish autumn day.

Useful links

  • — ns “days out” site. For each walk you can download and print the map and directions — some now also have gps routes.
  • Wandelplatform - LAW — the national coordinating body for long-distance walking routes: you can see the routes on Google maps and order the official guidebooks (these can also be found in most good bookshops).
  • Groene Haltes — Bus stop to bus stop walks in the Veluwe: a similar concept to the ns walks, also based around existing long-distance paths.
  • Groene Wissels — unofficial, unmarked circular walks from railway stations. Each has a downloadable map and route description, but they’re best as gpswalks.
  • — site with a lot of downloadable walking and cycling routes; can also be used to plan your own walks (tip: select the “osm cycle” map to see footpaths)